Medical and Surgical Orthopedics

Joint replacement surgeries often associated with severe joint pain, stiffness, weak muscles and swelling. This surgery involves the replacement of damaged cartilage and any bone loss. Patients may have trouble with ordinary activities such as walking, bending, any work that involves the activity and mobility of the fingers, climbing stairs etc. The most common causes of the joints not working properly are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Obesity does not necessarily cause arthritis, but it can contribute to early joint weaknesses that can get worse over a short period. The procedure involves, resurfacing of the damaged joint and alongside, the muscles and ligaments are used for support and function. This division at Holistic Hospital has some of the most advanced equipment and performs highly specialized surgeries like Total Knee and Total Hip Replacement. Aided by top of the line Operation theatre’s with laminar airflow, this division works in tandem with the highly focused and supportive division of Physiotherapy.


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