Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals

Leading Multi Specialty Health Care

To dedicate ourselves to leading and become a benchmark for providing holistic, perfect, and evidence-based health services with care compassion, commitment, and conviction.

Sri Sri Holistic Hospital thrives on just one motto – ‘Healthy Life For Everyone’.

Therefore, all of our efforts are directed towards achieving high-quality healthcare through teamwork, dedication, commitment, and expertise of our team of doctors and other staff, making us the best multispecialty hospital in Hyderabad. Our aim is to ensure that anybody who walks into our hospital with a health issue is given the best possible medical attention that our hospital can offer.

Our Approach

Our medical care is centred around the idea of a holistic approach, both through traditional and alternative medicine for the purpose of long-lasting and all-encompassing healthcare. We focus on curing the symptoms using all the advanced medical treatments made available through the frontiers of science using methods to heal the ‘dis-ease’ that lies at the heart of all medical issues.

At Sri Sri Holistic, we deliver top-class healthcare spearheaded by our experienced doctors and staff, with ample assistance from cutting-edge technology that helps diagnose accurately and deliver the best possible treatment options, all with a touch of much-required compassion

We achieve this with the help of our group of active, skilled and like-minded super specialists, who collectively ensure the patient’s needs are placed first, while offering the latest treatment regarding specialty and technology available. In doing that, it is necessary that we never compromise on maintaining the level of standards and compassion that come with our alternative healing methods. We provide unmatched service in a Hospital that is designed to provide ease and comfort for our patients and their families.

We provide high standards of health care

Our Mission

To address the aspirations of society for quality health and wellbeing, as at the center for excellence in providing world class health care services through advanced technology proactive wellness education and outreach.

Our Vision

To dedicate ourselves lead and become a benchmark for providing holistic, perfect and evidence based health with care compassion, commitment and conviction.

Quality Policy

To facilitate smooth provision of health care with utmost precision, empathy, focus on the value of life and dignity of the individual, incorporating ethical and safe practices.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Sri Sri Holistic Hospital is a state-of-the-art super specialty facility, which is designed not only to manage or cure the symptoms but to go in-depth to understanding and to solve the cause of the problem.

We also alternatively encourage patients to choose a life that is more balanced. While most hospital systems are run with the idea of treating symptoms, we at Sri Sri Holistic Hospital believe in solving the problem altogether. Sri Sri Holistic Hospital is a unique facility which is mostly a combination of allopathic treatments with authentic Ayurveda and proven yoga techniques, to which, when the state of the art technology is added, it becomes a formidable facility in itself. We stay active with our idea and emphasis placed on prevention of disease and promoting health as a state of positive physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being.

The hospital is promoted by a group of super-specialist doctors who are experts in their fields and are available to provide total care 24/7. At Sri Sri Holistic Hospital, we have the top of the line Operation Theatres and Equipment for our patients. We not only have world class super-specialists but also has State-of-the-Art Operation Theatres and Cutting Edge Equipment that makes it the right choice for patients desiring super-specialist intervention. Our innovative facility consists of the following:

  • Five states of the theatres with laminar flow and 2 C-Arms.
  • Siemens flat panel Cath lab.
  • Joint replacement Computerized Navigation.
  • Advanced Lab equipment.
  • Advanced Energy Equipment.
  • Harmonic, Enseal, organic Plasma Coagulation, Advanced Monopolar and Bipolar.
  • Carl Zeiss operating Ophthalmic Microscope.
  • OCT – Optical Coherence Tomography.

Sri Sri Holistic Hospital provides patients with state-of-the-art Ambulance Services as well. With just one call, the Emergency service is put into action and patients are transported, apart from the best onboard medical facilities that can save a life in the most complex or critical conditions, and we know every second count, so we tend to commence treatment en-route if there is a need.

Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals is located at Nizampet Road, Kukatpally in Hyderabad. Its proximity to the fast emerging IT Hub at Hi-tech City and Financial District at Gachibowli apart from a host of internationally reputed commercial institutions gives the convenience of a prime location.

Holistic Hospital provides the perfect base for people and patients suffering from similar afflictions to come together, encourage and support each other in forums guided and supervised by Super-specialists. Some of the popular patient forums at Holistic are:

  • Diabetic Support Group.
  • Cardiac Support Group.
  • Surgical Support Group.
  • Trauma Support Group.

Counseling is provided by the Holistic Medical Team for patients for recovery from surgical intervention and chronic afflictions. They are also encouraged to join support groups.

A complete one-stop pharmacy for all patient needs is an additional benefit for the comfort of patients, attendants and visitors to Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals.

When it comes to healthcare expenditures, there are usually a lot of contingencies and unplanned billing procedures that tend to baffle you. At Sri Sri Holistic Hospital, you will find complete transparency in all our Billing Systems, avoiding last minute surprises.

A one-stop store for all your Ayurveda requirements. This store provides a comprehensive list of ingredients, herbs and powders required for Ayurvedic cuisine. It also provides Ayurveda wellness remedies among other things.

Meet Our Specialist

Our experienced doctors diagnose accurately and deliver the best possible treatment for you!

Dr Viswanath

General Medicine

Dr. Biju Govind

General Medicine

Dr. Surya Teja Rudraraju

General Medicine

Dr. A Renuka

General Medicine

Dr. Madhavaram Srinivas Rao

General Medicine

Dr. Vidya Tickoo


Dr. E. Suresh

General Medicine

Dr. Anusha Emani


Dr Gopi Krishna Reddy .G


Dr. Neelima Karri

Critical Care

Dr. S.S.R. Chandra Sekhar


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