Doctor Details
Doctor Name Dr. L. Harish Rao
Specialization Consultant Pulmonologist
Experience 7+ Years
Qualification MBBS, MD (Pulmonology)
Languages Spoken English, Hindi & Telugu
Talks & Publications Paper presentation on Kartagener Syndrome in NAPCON 2017
Awards & Recognition Best Case - Poster Presentation in TS -RESPICON 2018
Memberships Indian Medical Council


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Doctors Achievements

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Dr. L. Harish Rao has undergone dedicated training & acquired skills to perform basic & advanced bronchoscopic procedure, which includes flexible bronchoscopy & bronchoalveolar lavage, endobronchial biopsy, Transbronchial ultrasound ( Both linear & radial), Transbronchial lung cryobiopsy, Rigid thoracoscopy, and foreign body removal.
He has also received vigorous training in management of critically ill patients and other ICU related procedures.
He is expert in managing patients with Chronic Cough, Respiratory infections, Tuberculosis, Lung Cancer. Diffuse Parenchymal Lung diseases, Asthma, ABPA, COPD, Smoking related lung problems, Pleural effusion, Pulmonary Embolism & other Pulmonary Vascular disorders, Mediastinal & Cervical Lymphadenopathy and all Pulmonary disorders.

Fields Of Expertise

  • Interventional Pulmonology
  • Lung Cancer Diagnosis
  • Interstitial lung disease (ILD) Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Respiratory Infections (Tuberculosis Pneumonia)
  • Critical Care

Research & Publications

  • Study to assess the Excercise Induced Desaturation in adult patients of COPD on 6 Min Walk Test.
  • Presented case report on Primary Thoracic  Ewings Sarcoma in KCS TS RESPICON 2018
  • Presented case report on post Varicella Pneumonia in NAPCON 2017 held in Kolkata.
  • Presented a Research paper on Kartageners Syndrome in NAPCON- 2016 held in Mumbai.

Awards & Achievements

  • Certificate of Appreciation for securing 1st Prize for Poster presentation in KCS TS RESPICON 2018.

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